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rulide 150mg price Bootle Bay Fishing Lodge is right in the heart of the action. You are less than a minute from the ocean where you can start trolling for Mahi or Tuna right away. Bottom fishing for Grouper and Snapper is minutes away. The bonefish flats are located 10-15 minutes from the lodge. What kind of fishing do you like? We have it all!

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casodex cost walmart Guides are available and can be booked through the Lodge.

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flutivate skin cream price in india The bonefish flats are pristine and are located on the north side of Grand Bahama Island 15 minutes away.

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Bottom Fishing

female viagra do you need a prescription The variety of bottom fish near the lodge in West End is nothing short of amazing. Yellowtail Snappers, Yellow Eye Snappers, Mangrove Snappers, Groupers and more! Just drop a line and hang on! While bottom fishing you can always let a flatline out and you never know what you will catch. Fish caught while bottom fishing range from a pound or less, to 50 lbs and more.

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Deep Sea Fishing

pulmicort como se usa This is where you need the big guns. Imagine hooking an 80lb Wahoo or giant Yellowfin Tuna and trying to contain you excitement as the line peels off. Mahi Mahi (Dolphin) are plentiful. Yellowfin Tuna are located in the famed “Tuna Alley”, a short run from Bootle Bay Fishing Lodge in the Northwest Providence Channel. You never know when you will latch into a Kingfish or Barracuda. Sailfish and Marlin are also found not far from the lodge as you troll in 600-2,000 feet of water.

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